Beauregard Chocolate Square

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Locally handcrafted (down the street from Miss Pippa's!), these bite sized chocolates are the perfect little treat.

NIBBIES 'N CREME (Crunchy Cacao Nibs & Vanilla): cacao butter, organic cane sugar, skim milk powder, cacao beans, whole vanilla bean. may contain peanuts & tree nuts

PB & J (Peanut, Strawberry, Milk Chocolate): organic cane sugar, peanuts, cacao butter, cacao beans, milk powder, freeze-dried strawberries, sea salt. may contain tree nuts

GIANDUJA (Roasted Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate): cacao beans, whole roasted hazelnuts, organic cane sugar, cacao butter. may contain peanuts, tree nuts & dairy

PAPUA NEW GUINEA (75%): cacao beans, organic cane sugar, cacao butter. may contain peanuts, tree nuts & dairy